Things I couldn't find on the web

Unfortunately, the web doesn't represent all of human knowledge. Not yet anyway. So, sometimes when I have a question and go to search for the answer on the web, I'm unable to turn anything up.

When this happens, if the question is worthy (and I think of it), I put it up on this page.

If I find the answer through another means (e.g. Usenet, hardcopy reference materials, etc.), I'll put the answer here. Voilà! Now a question whose answer was unobtainable on the web may be found. (I'll also follow up with a link if someone points out that the information has become available on the web since I originally posted the question.)

Things I am unable to find out by any means will be left here as open questions. If you have the answers to any of them, please email me and I'll include your answer and will give you credit unless you wish to remain anonymous.

(I suppose I'd get more eyeballs on the open questions these days by putting them on sites like Yahoo! Answers, but this page was first put up in 1997, long before those sites existed.)


Open questions

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